Thursday, February 09, 2006

To Womb it May Concern:

I passed! I had my mock implantation and the dreaded water sono today. And I passed! Yippeee!! As you may recall I've been very nervous and worried about the water sono. While it was no walk in the park it wasn't exactly painful.

The mock implantation was really no different than a pap smear. First of all I have a great RE. She's very sensitive and always has a smile. She laughed when I told her I shaved for her today. She feels special. :) I laid down, legs up, bottom on the edge of the table. RE RN put some jelly on my belly to find my uterus. I was told to have a full bladder for the test. So I drank 1 liter of water before I made it to the office. Once at the office I drank two more cups as a good measure. Needless to say I was bursting! I told the nurse not to press too hard or I might squirt the doc. Which cause everyone to laugh and then she had to find my uterus again. All in all the test probably took 2 minutes. Harry thought it would be nice to sneak in a quick shag since I was lubed and had my legs up. I just gave him the look of "don't you dare".

After I emptied my bladder the doc came back for the dreaded water sono! Basically, the doc uses a catheter to put a balloon in my uterus. She then fills the balloon with water. Then she uses the much loved vaginal ultrasound to view my uterus. The balloon will show any fibroids or lesions in my uterus. This test was uncomfortable. HELLO- she was pushing on my uterus. To keep my mind off the test I decided I'd tell my RE and RE RN the story of my little nephew Button (so christened because he is as cute as). Harry says that as the procedure went on (it took about 5 minutes) I kept getting louder and louder. I remember stuttering when things became particularly painful. But I was able to make it. Harry held my hand and kissed me when he saw my feet wiggling (a desperate non-audible cry of ouch). After it was done I did have cramping - like the worst day of my period (time to pop a Midol). I was cramping and sore for about an hour afterwards. I am doing great now and only have some spotting.

Everything is clear and good to go! My uterus is perfect and waiting our little embie. The RE RN says they've received the go ahead from the insurance and my baseline u/s and blood work is scheduled for February 22. I start injections on February 23! She's calling in my meds today!

Driving back to Harry's work he was very supportive and surprise that I did so well. He says he's sorry I have to endure so much and he'd do it for me if he could. Some how I don't really believe that. But we're still moving down that path. I am feeling a little more confident and excited that this might work for us.

On a side note I have
acute bronchitis. Harry's so glad it's not ugly bronchitis. Did I tell you Harry is a comedian?


Kellie said...

I'm glad that the tests went well and that you "passed" :)

Lori said...

I'm glad the tests went well and you're all clear. I just scheduled mine so thanks for giving so many details. I might not have known what to expect otherwise.
I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog, and I just wanted to let you know that I too am in the same exact situation! My husband's sperm count was 1.2 million with poor morph. We are on our first IVF cycle too! Our embryo transfer is tomorrow and we are so excited! Just wanted to wish you lots of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your meds time is right around the corner! I'm glad you have a lovely uterus.

N said...

Good for you that the test went so well!!! Good for me too, as I probably soon have to undergo them myself and it is nice to read that it's not that bad!!! :-D

Not good with the bronchitis....even if it is "only" acute!!

Take good care and get better soon (bronchitis wise) so that you are in full health for your IVF!! Good luck!